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Show & Clinic Ads: Tell exhibitors and parents about your upcoming shows, make sure they have your contact and registration info at their finger tips! By keeping all of the upcoming events together, it helps our readers know where to look for the next great event! Show Ads are priced at our lowest rates!

Stable & Lesson Directory: This is an opportunity to get your phone number out to the general public year round, let them know that you are available for boarding, lessons, training, clinics, and other instructional opportunities.

Market Place: Whether you are selling a horse, tack, trailer, vehicle, or your other horse related equipment, put your ad here to help others find it quickly and efficiently.

Veterinarian Directory: Small card ad for only $20.00 per month.

Trainers Directory: Small card ad for only $20.00 per month.

Farrier Directory: This is another great opportunity to get your contact information out to potential customers in your area who may be in the market for a new farrier, or may be unfamiliar with a particular area and are in need of emergency shoeing. Small card ad for only $20.00 per month.

Business Directory: Small card ad for only $20.00 per month.

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* Regular Style and Boxed Classified ad pricing applies ONLY to ads placed on the Classified page.

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All ads and payment must be received prior to the deadline for the issue the ad is to run in.  Call for details on discounts for show ads and discounts for multiple runs.  Payment accepted through Visa, MasterCard, checks or money orders.  When paying by check, credit card information will be needed to guaranty ad reservation until check is processed.  Complete ad dimensions of the various sizes that are available can be seen on our web site: or call to request a faxed or emailed copy.

Call for multiple run & show discounts

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Articles which appear in Horse & Pony do not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of Horse & Pony, or its officers and employees.  Nor does publication of said articles constitute an endorsement of views which they may express.   Accuracy of all material is the sole responsibility of the authors.  Appearance of an advertisement in Horse & Pony does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by Horse & Pony, of the goods or services offered therein.


Business Policy


Horse & Pony News is published on the first Friday of each month.

PAYMENT: All ads are to be paid for in advance, ad copy and payment must arrive in our office prior to the deadline of the issue the ad will run in. Returned checks: an additional fee of $20.00 will be charged for any returned checks. Credit Cards: Horse & Pony News accepts either VISA or MASTERCARD. Bank or debit cards issued through MasterCard or Visa are accepted also. The following information is required for all Credit Card payments: Name, address, credit card number, security code and expiration date. When paying with a credit card, because of the high security risk, please do not e-mail or fax your credit card information. However, you may call in your information or go to our secure website to place an ad or purchase a subscription using your credit card. Phone: 813-999-4991 or go to our web site: 

REDUCED RATES ON ADS: All shows will receive our best ad rate. Reduced rates on display ads are available for multiple runs with contract. If you do not run your ad for the full number of times you originally contracted for, you will be billed at the rate that correlates to the number of times your ad actually ran. Call for details on show ad rates and multiple runs.

PHOTOS: It is the responsibility of the person submitting professional photos or copyrighted material whether for ads or articles to obtain permission and/or a written release from the photographer/owner. Horse & Pony News will not be responsible for obtaining releases and is not responsible for printing any unauthorized material. When possible, please submit your photos via e-mail. Each photo should be sent as a separate tif or jpeg attachment scanned at 200 dpi or above.

PHOTO RETURN: If you submit printed photos and want them returned, please include a self addressed stamped envelope large enough to accommodate your photos. Include your name and address on the back of each photo you submit. Please do not send irreplaceable prints due to the chance of loss or damage in the mail or in transit from our office.

CLASSIFIED ADS: All ads must be pre-paid by either check, money order or credit card.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Prepaid by check, money order or to use a credit card go through our secure web site:  or call us with the information at 813-999-4991.

DEADLINES: Please be sure ALL MATERIAL including  ad copy for display and classified ads, any changes to ads currently running, articles, calendar notices and all photos are in our office on Friday, two weeks prior to the publication you wish your material to appear in. Please submit time sensitive ads or articles at lease one month before your event.

ADS SUBMITTED DIGITALLY: Horse & Pony News accepts ads sent via e-mail (electronic) or on a CD. Although Horse & Pony uses a PC operated platform, we can normally open Mac generated files. The following file formats may be submitted: TIF; JPEG; PDF. Please be sure all jpeg files are 200 dpi or above, otherwise they will not reproduce as a sharp image.  Horse & Pony will not be able to work with files in any other format. If you are running color, ads saved in a TIF format will reproduce better. Horse & Pony does not use Publisher or QUARK. If ads are generated in Quark, the file format must be changed to TIF. We cannot open Quark or even PDF formatted ads that were originally generated in Quark. Because of the many variables involved with digitally generated ads, Horse & Pony cannot guarantee the quality of ads submitted, especially sent via e-mail. Horse & Pony will set up your ad to our specifications- at no additional charge.

ERRORS IN PUBLICATION: If you are running an ad, please supply us with a fax number or e-mail address to receive a proof of your ad. Horse & Pony proofs all material that will appear in our publication, but is not responsible for errors. Please check your final proof carefully, sign the proof sheet and return it immediately with any corrections marked, as soon as you receive it.  The advertiser is responsible for any errors, Horse & Pony News will make every effort to make corrections brought to our attention.

LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: Articles, photos and/or advertising which appears in Horse & Pony does not necessarily reflect the position or opinions of Horse & Pony News, it's staff or it's  officers. Nor does publication of any material represent an endorsement of products or views expressed. Accuracy of all editorial is the sole responsibility of the author.

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